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HLB Specialties offers high-quality papayas with highest level of papaya-know-how

Melissa Hartmann DeBarros, director of communication for HLB Specialties, headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, told The Produce News that although the company handles several offshore products, it’s strength is in papayas.

“We bring papayas in from Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico,” said Ms. Hartmann DeBarros, “and all three countries provide us with year-round programs. The papayas from Brazil are the small golden type, which is a variation of the Sunrise Solo. We source the large Tainung variety from Mexico and from Guatemala. We refer to the Tainung by our marketing name; the Formosa, because it is how Brazilians traditionally refer to it. Because we are from Brazil, we wanted to retain the name. Our primary brand name from Brazil is ‘Caliman,’ and from Mexico we use the ‘HLB’ label. The ‘HLB’ label is for fruit from Mexico, and it is shipped to the Midwest and Western U.S.”

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HLB Europe in the news: Fresh Plaza

Con una asociación más extensiva con HLB Tropical Food GmbH Lafinita, uno de los exportadores de rambután más grandes en Guatemala, busca ampliar su presencia en Europa. Con el aumento de producción anticipada para 2013, también quieren extender el periodo en que su fruta está en el mercado.

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