Papayas are considered one of the healthiest fruit in the world. With their sweet and mild flavor, they also taste great and compliment any dish wonderfully.


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Papayas are fat-free and loaded with nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, antioxidants, calcium, and papain, a super enzyme that breaks down protein and helps the digestion.

Just one cup of papaya has our daily vitamin C requirement and is therefore a perfect food for adults and kids.

Several studies, including those by Rutgers University and University of Florida, have confirmed that papayas are one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world, and can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and a variety of other maladies.

Our papayas are neither genetically modified nor irradiated. We source from different countries and from selected growers, and with our traceability system, we ensure the safety and quality of each fruit. We have been working with papayas for over 20 years in Europe, the USA, and Canada and we are ready to share our passion with you.

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How to choose the right papaya

116_1604Papaya1Whether looking for a small Golden papaya or a large Tainung papaya variety, avoid bruised and very soft fruits that have dark, deep pits. If the papaya has a slight give and has at least two stripes of yellow, it is ready to be consumed. If still green on the outside, leave the fruit ripening on the kitchen counter for a few days or wrap it in paper to speed up ripening. The large Tainung papaya variety is ready to eat when still mostly green on the outside. It is more important that the fruit feels soft to the touch. The small Golden papaya variety is more flavorful when golden yellow on the outside and also soft to the touch.

How to eat papaya



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