Suppliers detail COVID-19 effect on business, outlook— Part 2

Published by: Produce Retailer

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Andres Ocampo, CEO of HLB Specialties, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said that some offshore suppliers of specialty produce have been limited by the lack of freight in passenger planes.

“For markets serviced only by passenger planes, it’s been a big blow,” Ocampo said. “For markets serviced by air freighters (those are still for the most part operational), it has been a lesser blow.”

Ocampo said some airlines have already officially canceled their flights for at least two more months, while others did so for April only.

“I expect that to keep changing and probably only start to get some normality in June, but a full service like pre-COVID 19, maybe only in the last quarter or into 2021,” Ocampo said.