Melissa Hartmann de Barros of HLB: “We made the papaya a staple item in European stores”

Publication date: January 8, 2020

Though still seen as an exotic fruit by many, papayas can be found at almost any major retailer in Europe and North America. HLB Tropical Food, which was formed in Germany by Homero Levy de Barros, was a major player in the development of the papaya market in Europe. When Levy de Barros moved to […]

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Lorenz Hartmann de Barros joins HLB Tropical Food

Publication date: December 9, 2019

The German tropical fruit importer and distributor HLB Tropical Food GmbH is announcing some major personnel changes in its Kelsterbach headquarters. A few months ago, Mr. Lorenz Hartmann de Barros has joined the company as co-managing director. He brings almost 20 years of experience in the family business, and a lifelong enthusiasm for exotic fruits […]

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How newer global fruit brands penetrate North American markets

Publication date: December 1, 2019

From Brazil to the World A year after the establishment of Zespri, new regulations in the United States trigger market entry for a new tropical fruit brand with Brazilian origins that had already found success in Europe. “In 1998, Brazil received the authorization to export papayas to the USA, which is when our family emigrated […]

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Rambutan season gearing up for HLB Specialties

Publication date: May 17, 2019

HLB Specialties, an importer and distributor of tropical fruits, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is getting ready for its first rambutan shipment of the season, which will start in the second week of May. The company will first receive Guatemalan rambutan in its Miami warehouse and soon after in its Los Angeles distribution center. HLB […]

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US: Organic Formosa papayas finally available

Publication date: August 11, 2015

“Until now, organic Formosa (or Tainung) papayas were not commercially available in the US,” says Melissa Hartmann de Barros with HLB Specialties. “In an effort to meet customers’ increased demand for organically grown, non-GMO fruit, we’ve spent the past four years working with a grower from Mexico on developing the right product. We are the […]

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